Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Smashies- Squeezable Applesauce

My son loves applesauce. That and bananas are about the only fruit I can get him to eat. A wonderful company named Smashies contacted me about a review and I am so happy that they did!! These are squeezy applesauce pouches that have no high fructose corn syrup and no added sugar. I think they are such a neat idea because they are easy to throw in the diaper bag and hand to my baby in the car! Even at 15 months old he knows how to eat these. They are the most convenient and healthy snack that I can add to little mans diet. To make it even better he LOVES them! He was getting ready for a snack and I took him into the pantry and asked him what he wanted. Do you know he pointed to the Smashies before he did the teddy grahams? If you are a mom like me that loves convenience but also to have their child eat healthy Smashies is a product you need to buy! I personally will be ordering more!

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