Monday, November 10, 2008

Tomorrow tomorrow..

So, tomorrow little man is getting a hair cut! :( I am so sad about it. I love his little curls but do not love the little rats nest that goes with it. Anyone else have a hard time parting with their little boys hair?


  1. YES! I had a horrible time dealing with it! I was so wrapped up in grief over my little man losing his mullet, that I almost forgot to get a few curls to keep! Make sure to take lots of pictures and save some hair in a envelope!

  2. you are not alone!!

    My son had the shaggiest, long hair, lol...I thought it was so cute & got so mad @ Easter when people commented on what a cute girl he a sweater vest!!!

    Looking back - he was LONG overdue for a cut, LOL :)

    As dee said, don't forget the keepsake locks :)

  3. My MIL was just complaining to my DH and I yesteday about my sons hair, ill agree he needs a haircut, but when my MIL says shes going to take him for a haircut whether we like it or not, it makes me want to grow it out more LOL. It very curly, somewhat frizzy- when i dont add anythign to it, he needs a trim, but ill wait it out!

  4. I cried the first time my little man got his hair cut! I love looking back on his crazy curly hair before that first cut, but I know it just had to be done. I hope the cut goes well tomorrow!