Sunday, March 1, 2009

Medications you might want to try!

It may almost be spring but the cold season is still around! With all the rains that we will be getting this Spring you may find yourself sick. That’s why you should check out
Cold-eeze . This actually arrived just in time for me. I told my husband that I was feeling a little stuffy and then this package showed up on my door so I immediately popped a tropical fruit lozenge which by the way tasted great, and no cold for Paige. Seriously, I took another two that day and the next day I woke up feeling fit as a fiddle. I have heard throughout my nursing education that the two biggest ingredients to help fight off colds is zinc and Vitamin-C.
Cold-eeze includes one of those ingredients which is great for me. I have been in the habit for a long time of popping a Vitamin-C pill when feeling stuffy and now, I have the Zinc to enjoy on top of that! I am hoping that these two things combined means I do not have to worry about colds ever again! Head on over to the site and check it out and while you are there, register to win a 7 day vacation to Hawaii!

Do you or someone you know have problems with irregular bowel movements? The problem might be that you do not have enough of the “good” bacteria in your gut. Florastor is a safe, natural yeast supplement that balances out your gut so that you have just the right number of good bacteria to keep your gut and intestines functioning just the way it should. They make this product for children as well as adults. So, if you or your child has problems with irregular, painful bowel movements, you should check Florastor out!

Like I mentioned above that even though winter is almost over we will still be seeing many cold and allergy symptoms popping up! It seems like almost everyone I know has the sniffles right now! If that is the case for you, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an organic cough and sore throat drop?
Organix are FDA approved, taste great, and work wonderfully! They coat your throat and relieve some of the pain and itch associated with colds. With four wonderful flavors to try you are sure to find something you just love! This used with Cold-eeze is sure to make your next cold your EASIEST cold ever! Just give it a try!

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