Sunday, May 10, 2009

suggestions please?? (CAMERA)

I need a great point and shoot camera that is user friendly but the most important aspect, it needs to have QUICK shutter speed. At this point I am willing to pay for a good one because I have two piece of crap please help! :) Thanks


  1. We have a kodak easy share camera and it is pretty quick-you don't have to wait for the light to flash like three times or something.. but our is also like over 3 years old-so I am not sure how the older models are like. I will be buying a new one this week too--so I will be price shopping an comparg as well. GOOd luck!

  2. We have a sony cyber-shot DCS-T500. It has 10.1 megapixals. It is both a digital camera and video recorder. It is capable of taking both in HD. touch screen functions and is somewhat easy to use. costs around $400.

  3. i love my casio exilim. it has a setting for faster shutter speed. it is great with the kids too.