Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Thomas fanatic!

Little man is absolutely obsessed with Thomas. All I hear all day long is TOOT TOOT! I have tried and tried to record all sorts of Disney movies and other fun things that might actually grab his attention, and the only thing that has come close to his Thomas facination is Cars. That was a very short lived voyage though....about two weeks! Then it was right back to the love of Thomas the Tank Engine. At 21 months old my little man can point out every single character of the show to you! I sometimes wonder what the line is when love turns into obsession.

So tell me, is it normal for little ones to be so in love with a show, and what is your childs favorite??


  1. I never realized our son's were the same age. I was advised by many mother's to keep my son away from Thomas... It' an expensive love, lol. My son has a few Thomas items his favorite book is a Thomas book but his love is Barney. Yep the big purple dinosaur people love to hate. My sweetness sings "I Love You" all day long. My daughter loved Barney also so I can't hate something they loves so much. He also loves sesame street and Elmo. Now he love anything with wheels so I found the cheaper alternative to building a railway in our living room is a matchbox car collection. They are less that a dollar so I don't hesitate or wait for a sale to pick him one up on a shopping trip or worry about him bringing it everywhere with him or loosing it. I'm sure ts only a matter of time before I find some in his pants pockets doing some laundry. :)

  2. My daughter was the same way about Thomas at that age. For my son it's Bob the Builder, which he actually extends to anything with an engine (he's a few months younger - he may not generalize that much by the time he's your son's age)...

  3. Lucas is absolutely obsessed with Cars. He loves everything to do with Cars and we have it on tv all the damn time! But he's also always been obsessed with trucks and cars. So that's why I think he loves Cars the movie so much!

    I know sometimes you wish it was something else.. but hey I always figure I'd love to watch Cars instead of some really dumb crap lol.. so yes its normal!

  4. My son's obsession is Zaboomafoo on Sprout. I think it's pretty normal. Plus, at least both shows are educational. There are definitely worse ones (and more annoying ones) that they could fall in love with!

  5. eli's fav is bob the builder...omg its all we hear...'can we fix it?' we're so sick of the theme song but my little bugger loves it :D