Saturday, June 13, 2009

c'mon people, don't raise little demon children!

I fully admit that my son can be rough, I also admit that he is larger than your typical almost two year old. However, today little man was on his best behavior. We went to the play area at a mall. Everytime we go he immediately runs around the fake tree full blast about ten times. Today, on one of his laps he accidently bumped into another boy there. This boy was only a couple inches taller than my son and honestly a little thinner but obviously much older. I would put him at about 5, by his actions and verbal abilities. When little man bumped him he immediately started screaming in my babies face, "BOY DON'T YOU DO THAT AGAIN, DON'T YOU MESS WITH ME BOY!" Well, I saw it but let it slide.....then lil man was running over to a toy. This boy dilibertly jumped in front of lil man and raised his arms so my baby could not climb on the toy, he also was playing with a little girl that must have been 8, and she began to push my baby BY THE HEAD backwards away from the toy. So I said loud enough for the girls parents to hear me, that I hate when older kids gang up on babies, that my son was not even two yet and went and got him. The girl made some snotty comment about, "well thats easier anyway" (referring to me taking my son who was at the toy first anyway) She got a not so nice look from this mama! A lady sitting there commented on their behavior to me as well....

Okay, if that was not bad enough....later the SAME THING HAPPENS. Little man was in mid jump to a toy, and this boy shoves him out of the way...this 5 year old boy and 8 year old girl get in my BABIES face and start SCREAMING...not words just SCREAMING at him. At first my poor little man was laughing because he does not understand meaness and thought they were playing. I was sitting so that I could see my little man but not the mean boys face....but the mom that had commented early came over to me and told me that this boy was spitting in my sons face!! I got up and grabbed my baby and told the mean boy that he is just a baby, and we do NOT spit on babies...or anyone! Then, and only then did the parents come to get their child (the girls parents never once stepped in-and she was TOO old to be in the play area, the maximum height is only 42 inches in there) and they did apologize for their kids behavior, but it took ME stepping in to get them to handle their child!! GRRRRRRRR


  1. Ugh! I hate that! Seriously parents... watch your kids a little.

  2. Ugh, I hate that! We have had experiences like that at the mall here. It just makes me not ever want to take my kids there!

  3. I hate taking my kids there to play, but it's one of the best options in this AZ summer heat (or any place in the summer, for that matter)! The kids are horrible!
    One time my mom came with the kids and I to the mall,and she took them to the play area while I ran to a store and picked something up. When I got back she told me there was a boy there who was being rough with my oldest (who was 4) and that his mother wasn't doing anything. So I sat and watched. Just seconds later, this kid was pushing my son away from the slide, and then finally climbed up and stood at the top and wouldn't let any kids go down. There was a dad there trying to help his kid up so he could slide down, and bratty kid still wouldn't move. He pushed my son down when he tried climbing up and going past him, and that's when I'd HAD it! I told him to stop now, move and share, and asked where his mom was. My son pointed to where his mom was, so I went over and asked her if he was her child. She glared at me and said "Yes, WHY?", and I told her he was pushing and shoving kids and not allowing kids to go down the slide. I told her what I said to him, and asked her to handle it. Her face softened (she probably didn't expect me to speak to her like I did), and she said she's already been telling him to stop and he wouldn't listen. By then, the kid stopped (I'm sure it was because someone actually got stern with him!).
    It seems to me that some of these parents can't handle their own kids, so they take them there to run around so they don't have to deal with them or worry about their homes getting destroyed!
    Grr, now I'm all fired up again! LOL!