Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bella Sara: Magical online land, North of North


Have your princess join in with other children around the world for some magical fun online in the country of North of North. Bella Sara, which was introduced to the US in 2007, is a magical world of horses for children ages 5 and up. The online game is very enchanting with beautiful pictures! Bella Sara has also expanded to carry miniature velvety horses, collector’s tins, books and computer and Nintendo games, as well as back to school items.

We were lucky enough to get The Bella Sara trading cards. These little cards are absolutely precious. My little man loves looking at the pictures of the horses on them (he is too young to fully understand how to play with trading cards).

“Journey with Sara to discover the royal realms of Bella Sara Bella Sara Royalty introduces the noble herds, realms, and castles of North of North. Journey with Sara to discover each herds noble traditions. Uncover a magical world of royal horses with positive messages for you. Explore fantastic realms and castles and meet Sara for the first time! Coming in June, Bella Sara Royalty continues your journey into North of North on Bella Sara website. New Bella Sara Tickets enhance your journey like never before with just one code. Activating your Bella Sara Tickets online gives you more horses, horseshoes, and prizes!”

Bella Sara is definitely a site that any little girl would love, and Moms, its completely free so head on over there and check it out!

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