Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My little man is seriously obsessed!

His daddy was sweet enough to order him a Percy train (from Thomas), and two of the troublesome trucks and my child has not put it down ALL DAY! He took them to nap, and stayed outside for an hour playing with them on the sidewalk...poor thing sweat was pouring down his back and neck and he was all red faced....but anything for his TOOT TOOT! I had to take them away during lunch because the Troublesome Trucks got PB&J all over them! HAHA


  1. aww! How adorable! Sounds like Audy likes his Tomas Trains like Lucas likes his Cars(and the movie) lol.. You can sure tell they are boys huh? You should post a picture with him and his trains!

  2. my son is obsessed with thomas and friends,too. he is constantly building tracks and running those dang things all around the house. ive spoiled him... he has 13 trains and insists that we MUST go to walmart to get hiro and duncan and molly etc.