Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cool Music for Baby and Mom!


My little man adores music! He can dance around the living room all day long. That’s why when I heard about the opportunity to review a fantastic kids CD by
Debi Derryberry, I jumped on the chance and I am so glad I did! I was lucky enough to receive the CD Debi Derryberry’s Baby Banana.

Debi created some very catchy, fun songs that were originally written for her son! I was bopping around the kitchen cooking dinner to “Baby Banana.”

What is truly wonderful about this CD is there is a mix of ballads, boogie, jazz, reggae and even Spanish music. That is a great thing too since my husband and I listen to totally different types of music and little man has to get used to them all! After dancing all around the house to this wonderful CD your little one might be ready to just sit down and relax for a bit and that would be the perfect time for a story. Well, guess what?? Debi Derryberry reads her book, Baby Banana and the Licorice Tree, at the end of this CD.

Listen to her work for yourself!

Isn’t that a wonderfully catchy song?? I mean really, what could be better….songs that Mom and Dad can actually enjoy, it has a very catchy beat and tone for baby, PLUS story time at the end!

Debi Derryberry definitely has my vote! My little man and I are both hooked!

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  1. I just might have to get this for my cousin's baby. thanks for the heads up!