Sunday, July 12, 2009

Poll: What is YOUR favorite childrens clothing store??

So, what is your all around favorite kids clothing store? Mine has to be gymboree but the prices can be a little much unless you catch a killer sale. Over all, my little man probably wears more old navy or childrens place than anything....but man if I had unlimited resources he would wear gymboree all the time. I have been told that I dress him VERY preppy though so maybe that is why I love that store so much!


  1. My little guy is only 1 but I really like Carters. Their clothes are good quality - no shrinking or fading - and are comfy to play or sleep in. As he gets older, I will probably get more preppy things but right now, I prefer Carters over all others.

  2. The Children's Place seems to have the best balance between quality, cuteness and awesome deals. Old Navy has super cheap things if you hit their sales. I LOVE Gymboree, but it's just so darn expensive. It also bothers me that they have like 2 lines of boy clothes at a time compared to the zillion designs for girls.

  3. I lOVE Baby Gap, but can't afford it all the time - Children's place (the outlets are AWESOME!) & Old Navy....

  4. Mine is Gymboree too! And they have such great Clearance sales and I love the Gymbucks. I also love BabyGap, but their sales are never as good as Gymboree's.
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