Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boys will be boys right??

Little Man has not had an injury in MONTHS...I MEAN MONTHS. Yea, so his biiiiig 2nd birthday party is this weekend. Yesterday while I was at work and Mini-Ma was on toddler watching duty (because after all that is all you can do with a one little boy tornadoe is sit back and watch them) and little man climbs onto the patio chair (something he has done hundreds of time) but this time he falls head first into the concrete patio. His nose and lip and very skinned up. Okay, so that is bad enough right???? Yea, well last night ON MY WATCH little man picked up one of those really heavy things that you can buy to rinse their hair. He was dumping the water on his face....yea, he dropped it....ON HIS EYE. Needless to say he now has a black eye. I am embarrased to take him out and ITS HIS BIRTHDAY lol. Mom says we will look back at it and laugh. I mean he is a rought little boy entering his terrible two's so the briuses are to be expected, right? What better time to have them on his second birthday!! Boys will be boys!


  1. Ha ha! Sounds just like my boy! He turned 2 on July 11 and I still haven't gotten his two year old pics taken because he has constantly had some mark on his face. Just today I finally thought I could schedule them but he face planted on the sidewalk and got the worst yet. Ugh! :)

  2. Sounds just like my Lil Man. He spent the first two years of his life pretty much injury free and eight days before his 2nd birthday he did it up right. He took a fall, like any other fall he had taken before, only this time he ended up with a broken foot and wore a cast for the next six weeks. Didn't slow him down any though and yes, he does still remember the broken foot birthday.

  3. Yikes! A few nights ago my 3 year old daughter fell and hit her head for the first time ever. She was running in the living room and stumbled and fell into the wall, head first. I freaked, called the doctor, got advice and watched her like a hawk. Then last night my older son fell out of bed while sleeping...he hit his head on the wood part of the bed and actually bruised his eye brow and got a small cut on his eye lid. And he starts school next week at a very hard to get into exclusive private school....hope it'll heal by then but in the meantime I had to reschedule his appt to get his ID picture taken! Yikes! Hope your little guy has a great birthday!

  4. LOL. Oh that's so funny! Poor guy. These thing happen to the best of us moms. LOL.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I hope all his bumps and bruises heal up!

  6. Have a very happy birthday little man!!! Sorry about all the bumps and bruises, but, don't worry ~~ there will be more!! I remember taking Nikolaus (my oldest) to the ED/walk-in 3 times in 2 weeks for different injuries because he was so SO FAST. He ran everywhere and didn't look where he was going.

    Don't worry, Paige, you'll get over it soon, at his party, they will be badges of honor toward todler-hood.