Saturday, August 22, 2009

For the best in green living: Simply Chickie 100% organic cotton

Even though I am not the greenest gal on earth, I am always looking for simple way to make my families lives a little greener! So, when I discovered Simply Chickie I knew I had to contact them for a review!

Simply Chickie only uses cotton that is certified organic, which basically means it is grown in fields where no pesticides have been used for over three years. Simply Chickie uses NO dyes in their clothes, so you know this is a close to natural as clothes can get!

You might think that with the lack of dyes that the Simply Chickie line may not be “fun” but that is very untrue! We were lucky enough to received the “I Toot Toot” shirt because as you all know my little man is train obsessed and you often here him walking around “Toot Tooting.” I could not find a better print for him! We have had the shirt for a couple of weeks now. It has been washed a few times, and still holds its shape well. Since there is no dye used to make it you never have to worry about it fading because there is nothing unnatural in it to fade!
Simply Chickie has many wonderfully patterned shirts, onsies, and hats! Something precious for every little girl and boy in your life can be found at Simply Chickie!! I highly recommend their clothing line for the best 100% natural cotton clothing around!

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  1. I know my grandson would love that tee, he is also obsessed with trains. And I love organic cotton, I like the flecked look of it - that's just me, though.
    Thanks for the review, I'll have to keep them in mind for his birthday, as I am almost done with his Christmas shopping ~ I know, don't hate me!!