Wednesday, September 16, 2009

About the possibility defective drywall

Well, I haven't been talking much about what is going on with our drywall saga because I just don't have any answers yet. The lawyer that we are talking to said he was going to send out his team of inspectors and that he had put in the work notice and had not heard anything back as of today. So, basically we are just sitting here waiting. I want- no cross that - NEED answers! I need to know if this house is what is making me have chronic migraines and little man to have rashes. The markings that were found in our home were not that of a Chinese manufacturer but of an American manufacturer. However, that same company is in the heat for making defective drywall that mimics the chinese stuff. Possibly by using recycled Chinese drywall. Now, tell me WHY would a company do this?? I do not want to put names out here on the internet YET until I know for sure..however, I assure you that if it IS what we think it is, you will get to hear all about it! So, that is what is new with us....a big fat nothing :) I will keep you all posted as we know more.


  1. That is just awful. I sure hope you get some answers very soon and that they aren't terrible ones.

  2. Let me guess......Georgia-Pacific Tuff Rock??????

  3. You know you are always in my thoughts, even if I don't get the chance to comment... I'm still dealing with mine and Bill's health problems, so I haven't been on my computer that much this week.
    Love and hugs to all of you...

  4. Best Wishes! I hope you will get some resolution.