Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Mingle!

First off this took long enough to upload. Seriously, its been hours lol, blogger wouldn't upload it and neither would photobucket. Thank you Jennifer for telling me about Vimeo. :) Now at almost 3am I am posting this! (That takes dedication baby!) Ignore my "crazy eyes" cameras make me nervous and I had to hold my camera to do this so it looks all silly! Enter your own MM at Eighty MPH Mom

Untitled from Paige Visintin on Vimeo.

Next Weeks Questions:
1. What would you think about having our spouses vlog with us one week? Would yours make a cameo appearance?

2. Do you have pets? Tell us about them!

3. What are your favorite sayings or movie quotes?

4. What is your favorite kind of music? Favorites bands/artists and songs? Best concert you ever attended?

5. What are your favorite drinks (alcohol or non)?


  1. You most CERTAINLY do not look like Poo! Ohh my word... a beach in Spain that sounds like an outstanding proposal.

  2. awww I love that you joined in this week! Awesome mingle!

  3. YAYA Paige!!! Welcome to Monday Mingle! You did great girlie!!

    LMAO On the proposal...I felt the same way, how awesome for Spain!! I love the Sweet Pea, grand-dads always have the best nicknames.

    Do it next week for sure! You did awesome.


  4. A nurse, eh? :) Go figure! LOL

    Spain! Oh how wonderful!!

    Poojie and sweetpea, those are cute nicknames.

    So glad you mingled! Hope to see you next week as well!

  5. Hi Paige! I am so glad you finally got it to work. I love Vimeo.

    It was fun to meet you and hear about you - I'll bet you are a wonderful nurse (and I'm sure we need more like you, from what I have seen!).

    Thanks for mingling - and please mingle again next week!

    Oh, your hand is super steady - if I were holding my camera it would give everyone a headache! LOL

  6. Paige - you RAWKED it!! YAY you made it to Monday Mingle!! WOOT WOOT

    I think most of us girls think when they finally get around to asking "It took you long enough!" (giggles) But a beach in Spain - *sigh* how wonderful!

    Okay Sweet Pea - can't wait to see you next week on MM!
    Have an AWESOME week

  7. Cute nicknames and great mingle. Nice to see a real face behind the blog. Now if only I could get my hands on a video camera, then I might join in ;)

  8. That was a great series of questions, I feel like I know you better now!! {and you looked fine, must be that nice Florida Air}
    And, I live really close to the mountains {Banff, Canada}...and would die for a piece of the ocean - wanna trade?!?!

    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos

  9. A beach in Spain sounds awesome and it definitely does make for a great story!

    I also dropped out of high school as a senior and I agree, when you're 17 it does sound like a not-so-stupid idea, but that's the way the cookie crumbles! Glad to "meet" someone with the same high school background!

    Great video, this week is my first week as well and I had some YouTube trouble getting it uploaded, but finally did so I'm a little late linking up too!

  10. So nice to meet you! You did a great job and you SOOO did not look like poo. lol did you see me with my do-rag on? Yah, THAT's how you look like poo doing a vlog. ;)

    I love your proposal story. How beautiful was that?

    Hope to see you again next week.

  11. I loved your Monday Mingle girl! Sweet Pea is such a cute nickname also!

    Happy Tuesday! :)