Monday, October 12, 2009

Not "terrible" twos- "terrific" twos

Okay so maybe he is not a genius, and the truth is, I have no other child to "compare" him to, but I find my little man to be soooo smart. I have never taught him about musical instruments, but tonight I was going over new flashcards and he told me what a trumphet and a drum was. Not only that but he proceeded to act like he was playing each, with the sound effects to go along with it. The only thing I can figure is he picked up on it on Baby Einsteins. Still pretty amazing to me.

The two biggest phrases you will hear in my house right now is, "I monkey, climbing on monkey bars" (as he climbs on EVERYTHING) and "No, I do it Iself!!" HaHa. Every single age I thought was the BEST stage ever. I mean really, I thought there was nothing better than him at 6 months old (I admit, I prayed that the newborn stage was not "as good as it gets") but these "TERRIBLE" twos in my book are the "TERRIFIC" twos. I enjoy him so much.

My hubby and I had considered once, before having children that we would have our kiddos two years apart. After having little man, and especially now, I realize I definitely want a bigger space there. I want to enjoy him. I was to saturate myself is his charisma and joy, I want to learn with him and watch him grow! I know you mothers of multiple children also get to do that, but not AS MUCH time is spent on each child, and I just want every moment with him. Maybe just maybe its a mistake. Maybe he will grow up to be the most self centered little terd, but all I know is right now I am living for the moment. I am living for the smiles and the laughs. He is my JOY and my reason for being put on this earth.

God sure knew what he was doing when he gave me this hot headed, tempermental beautiful little man. He truly sent me an angel on earth. It was all in his plan. I was in such pain when I lost my daddy 17 days before little man was born, so he kept me so busy and sleep deprived for the first year of my babies life (little man is still not much of a sleeper) that I could think about anything but the daily functionings of being a Mom. Now, that I have a little more time, I have time to think..and get sad and miss my daddy. Then I look at the precious little soul that I have standing in front of me, and realized that I have gained so much more than I have lost. You see, daddy is still here....he is around me all the time, and his personality lives on through little man!! I can't wait to see who little man will become-because I am willing to bet it will be someone similiar to my dad. A tough "country boy" who isn't afraid to cry. Someone that loves deep and takes care of everyone he loves even if he has a rough exterior and sharp words. That was my daddy- and I almost guarantee that is who my precious little man will be. I just cannot wait to see it!!

Anyway- I guess this sentimental ramblings come from a overtired Mom, who is about to face what would have been her daddies 66th birthday on Oct 14. I miss that man so much, but as I said, he lives on!


  1. So sorry for your loss, but glad that you see a bigger 'plan' and can still enjoy moments where you see your dad live on...through you and through little man. Best wishes.

  2. The terrible twos are both a challenge and a joy for me. I understand the terrific part you are talking about. I have enjoyed all of my kids at about every age. Although they do bring challenges, that are a true blessing and I would trade anything for them.

  3. Oh, Paige, such a beautiful post!
    I think I loved it when my boys were two, also. They begin growing into their own personality, and start to become little "people". I had my boys 3 years apart and thought it was the perfect age gap (JMHO) because the older one was a little more independent and I was able to do things with him when the little one slept, but he was able to entertain himself when I needed to attend to the baby.
    I think your lil' man will really love reading this post when he is older. I am glad that you can look back and remember your dad with such love and tenderness now, without as much saddness.