Friday, November 27, 2009

Comfort and Style available at Robeez!

Nurse Mommy

I think by now Robeez is a name that every mother in America knows…and if you don’t you should really check them out! They are the most well known name in soft soled shoes out there, and my little man just loves them! When we received our pair of Robeez booties, little man said WOW! COOL! And they really are just that…cool! Cool, soft, and they just have to be sooo comfortable. The lining is INCREDIBLY soft…just imagine your favorite soft teddy bear, and this is how they feel! Robeez are flexible and washable so that is great for the practical parent. The thing I love most about Robeez shoes is that this is the closest thing you child can get to going bare footed, and lets face the facts…most kids love to be barefooted.

Here is Florida, it is just now getting cool enough for little man to actually wear these, but he already loves them! So warm and fuzzy, they make the perfect “play” shoe in my opinion! I highly recommend you heading over to Robeez and taking a look around at all of the incredibly cute styles they offer! I am a HUGE fan of the Christmas shoes!! Love them!! Wouldn’t your littler “person” make the cutest elf around with the Elf shoes?? Check them out for yourself at Robeez!


  1. They look so comfortable! I looked at the website and you can order them online or you can find your nearest store if you prefer to try them on. I'd love some myself!

  2. Those little elf shoes are SO adorable... Anonynmous is right, I would love a pair for myself.
    I have passed the info onto my DIL, I bet my grandson would really look cute in a pair of those shoes!!