Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shabby Apple: Review

Even though I am mostly a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, there are a few occasions in my life that I love to get dressed up for. One is Christmas! There is just something about being decked out that makes me feel more festive. So when I happened on a fantastic store called Shabby Apple I was excited to try them out. They offer such fun, flirty dresses that are right for any occasion!

One challenge that I have when shopping is being a plus sized girl. Anyone that shops with me can tell you that I moan about everything being to “Old Lady.” Its like once you reach a size 16, you stop being young or hip and enter into the fru-fru department. I mean come on people, I don’t want to show it all but I do want to look like I have a little life in me! I’m not even thirty yet! Shabby Apple has come to my rescue on that! They do offer plus-sized clothing, in a LOT of the same styles that the “normal” sized gals get to wear! I love it!!!

I was lucky enough to receive the Polo dress that is this amazing hot red color! PERFECT for Christmas! What I love most about this dress is the material! It is stretchy and soft, and you are really able to play this one up or down. The material is extra comfy which is wonderful if you would like to wear it to a dinner party. It has the capability of being very casual or ubber dressy just by a change of jewelry and hairstyle. Can I also mention that I am a women’s medium at Shabby Apple. Doesn’t that just sound so much better than a 2xl?

Okay, I will tell you Shabby Apple has rekindled my desire to have a daughter one day! Oh my goodness, they have the most DARLING children’s clothing!! I have seen a lot of cute clothing for little girls, and the dresses at Shabby Apple are among the cutest!! Totally drool worthy!

Also, Shabby Apple has some amazing accessories. I am purse and shoe addict so of course they caught my attention. What I love about the purses at Shabby Apple is the uniqueness. I assure you, that if you purchase one of their purses you will not see everyone walking around with anything like!

Overall my experience with Shabby Apple has been amazing. Their customer service ROCKS, the clothing is top notch, and the whole site and uniqueness of the products are worthy of applause.

Disclaimer: I received my own polo dress for this review.

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