Friday, December 11, 2009

Solve your organization nightmares with Rubbermaid lock-it canisters!

Looking for a way to make someone’s life less stressful this holiday season? Give them the gift of organization! Seriously, I hate being disorganized but with a toddler that is a very frequent occurrence in our home! That’s why I was over the move to try out Rubbermaid’s new line of products: The lock-it canisters! These things are amazing! First the tops lock on so you do not ever have to worry about your lunch coming open and spilling all over your bag and secondly because the lids lock onto the bottom of the canister when you are ready to store them! It is easy-peasy and makes for a lovely looking, organized cabinet! One lid fits MANY of the other products and they canisters are freezer, microwaver, and dishwasher safe! Rubbermaid is such a well known name because they make quality, affordable products and this new line offers exactly the same! Give the gift of Rubbermaid and I am sure that the organization freak in your life will love you for it!

Disclaimer: I received my own rubbermaid products for this review.

1 comment:

  1. These look fantastic... I have wanted these for so long. I am hoping Santa brings me some! :-)
    Thanks for a great review, glad you were able to get some, you really deserve them to organize your new small space.