Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stay warm and cozy this winter with The Slanket!

Who doesn’t like to be warm and cozy in the winter? One of the worst things to me is snuggling up in my favorite blankie, and then realizing I need a sip of soda…or Lord forbid, trying to read a book a snuggled up!! You begin to wonder if that sip or page turn is important enough to get out from under the covers! You ladies like me that live with Polar Bears surely understand what I am talking about BRRRR!!!

I’ve been told that since I was a little girl I always had a blanket on me. Even in August in FLORIDA! Hard to believe, yes….but in my opinion there is nothing more comforting than a good ole blankie!!

Soooo….you can imagine my joy when I heard of The Slanket!! Yes, finally a blanket make JUST FOR ME!! It has sleeves so I won't have to give up any of my favorite stuff while cuddling. It’s also great because it’s HUGE! Enough room for me, my little man and inevitably the Chihuahua to bundle up together! I love it! I admit, at this point we haven’t had many cold days here yet in Florida, but let me tell you the few times I needed to the The Slanket I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it! I think it’s like one of the best things ever!

Buy It!! You can get a wonderful Slanket for your chilly loved one for less than $35! What a fantastic gift this would make, and I promise you…they will love you forever every time they need to use this! They offer sooo many cool colors and patterns so you can make this a more personal gift for your loved ones!

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  1. We celebrated Christmas early with my "little" man Alexander (he's 19) because he was visiting from Connecticut with his girlfriend, and he give me a Slanket - and yes, I live in Florida, too! It gets COLD down here, too. Plus I like to snuggle with my Yorkie, too.
    It IS a great gift, and mine came with a wonderful book light! :-)