Saturday, January 9, 2010

Its a New Year so tell me what you would like to see

Well, the new year is here, so tell me what you would like to see more of on my blog?? Are you digging the beauty reviews? Toys? Cleaning Items?

What is most appealing to YOU?


  1. I love the beauty items. Recently I became obsessed with soaps. I love them and go through them quickly.
    I also have my 1st great granddaughter coming last part of April. So infant baby item giveaways would be welcomed.
    Thanks for asking.
    Marj M./

  2. I like the beauty items also... plus I like the toddler items, because I have a (almost) 4 year old grandson.
    Plus you know I always love to hear about your Lil' Man and see photos.... I adore the personal side of blogging, that is always my favorite. (You having another baby would be nice - no pressure. TeeHee, do I sound like your mother????)
    Hope 2010 is wonderful to you.