Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mor Cosmetics Italian Blood Orange will never leave you asking for Mor!

I love soap, and anything that makes me smell nice. When I discovered Mor Cosmetics, I just knew I had to try the Italian Blood Orange Hand and Body Wash as well as the lotion. I was very excited when they agreed to send me a set for review. I have to tell you I was not one bit disappointed when it arrived in the mail.

First off, the bottles are BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, they look soooo nice sitting on my bathroom sink. I love that they have the look of being glass but are actually plastic, which is important when you have a busy toddler boy in your house. I have these out in my guest bath because they are just too pretty to hide in my bathroom!

Now, let me tell you about the smell. Oh my!! If you have never tried this, you should. I have long been a fan of anything citrus scented, and this is no exception. The Italian Blood Orange if citrusy but it is not an overpowering scent. It has just enough of a scent for you to notice, but never enough to bother any of your friends (or patients in my line of work.)

It works fantastic. My skin is never dried out using the soap, which I use as a hand soap rather than a body wash. That means I use this product frequently throughout the day, and still no drying. The lotion is perfect. It’s not so thick that you are rubbing and rubbing to get it absorbed but it is not a cheap lotion either. I have never had that greasy feeling that I sometimes get with other lotions, and this is my new favorite!

These are the only products that I have tried from Mor Cosmetics but if they are any indication of how the other products are, I will definitely be back for more!!

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