Friday, June 11, 2010

Infantino Fold and Go Bouncer and Jumbo Wheel Play Space

So, as most of you know, I am part of the Infantino campaign from Mom Central! This is a super exciting campaign, and I am glad to be a part of it to donate the items I receive to the place where I work with sick kiddos. I love to watch the product be used by many…many….many babies! My little bit of good in the world, since we rely heavily on donations. Thank you Infantino and Mom Central for the chance!

So, we got the Infantino Jumbo Wheel Play Space…and can we say HUGE? This thing takes up most of the area we have set aside in the infant room as the play area. It measures 47” and the babies just love it! There are fun mirrors, teethers, and lots of different textures and bright colors!! This is like sensory overload for baby! Seriously, it has all the basics of a great play mat for baby! It is very stimulating for the boogers at my work, and they spend a lot of time each and every day exploring the mat! I also love that this can be used with the bigger boys and girls to teach them their colors and animals. We look for every possible chance we can to teach our babies things. Many of them are developmentally delayed so the bright colors really help with their cognitive abilities!

My input: I will be purchasing one of these for my next baby. It is very stimulating and fun and takes up no room since it is in essence a mat, and not a big bulky gym. It is also very easy to take along with you since it just folds right up! It is also fun for all ages. My almost three year old was fascinated with it before I took it in to work. It genuinely “grows with baby”

The last item I received for this first phase from Infantino is the Fold and Go Bouncer. Bouncers are SOOOO important in my line of work! It is how we feed the smaller babies and sooth the ones that need a little extra comfort, so this was a fantastic addition to my job! What makes this particular bouncer so wonderful..other than the super soothing natural sounds and vibrations is how easy it is to take along with you! If you have a baby that loves to bounce (I know some kiddos don’t-my booger was NOT a bouncer) then you can easily pack this bouncer up and take it ANYWHERE with you! The babies in our nursery seem to particularly love this bouncer, and I think that is partly because of the sounds that it makes…heartbeat and other natural sounds….and the nurses ADORE it! We have very limited space, so the fact that we can fold it up at the end of the day and put it away means a lot to us!

My input: I love this neutral little bouncer, and if my next shows an interest in bouncy chairs, this will definitely be the one I purchase. The sounds alone have won me over. No more annoying music jingles…just all natural soft “white noise” This bouncer gets an A in my book because it is so easy to take along with you as well!

“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products to as part of my participation.”

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  1. Oh, those look ADORABLE!!! I have a friend who is having a baby in September...looks like I will be needing to get one of these for her :)