Monday, June 7, 2010

Shirts that Go- Great for little boys t-shirts!

I’ve told yall before how I pride myself in the way little man is dressed. He is most definitely a reflection of me, and I love a clean well dressed little man. I also like him being stylish, but as a lot of you know, he LOVES trains. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to find any train clothes that manage to be cute. That is until I discovered Shirts that Go! They have such a great selection of Kids T-shirts!
My little man got the Steam Train T-shirt but it was a huge debate over that and the Diesel Train T-shirt! Actually, little man really wanted to Diesel shirt, but…Mommy liked the Steam Train shirt better….and he is happy with my decision! Don’t you think it’s adorable? I love how colorful it is. It matches with almost all of his plaid shorts, which I love!! It is also extremely soft and well made. My only advice is to order a size up. Little man usually wears a 5, and this is a 6 and fits him perfectly as you can see.

I highly recommend Shirts that Go if you have a little man that is all boy like I do! Whether you are looking for Motorcycle T-Shirts, Fire Truck T-shirts, Airplane T-Shirts, or of course Train T-shirts!


  1. That is SO CUTE! And my lil monster would love any of the trucks or dozer shirt! I'm def thinking of ordering one for eli's bday :)

    Jamie Hughes

  2. That is one stinkin' cute shirt... He looks adorable. My grandson is really into trains, also.