Monday, July 5, 2010

CSN rocks my socks!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love CSN Stores! With over 200+ stores, you will find anything and everything you need. That much is true for me. I was recently offered a gift certificate to their store, and I went shopping.
After searching for hours for things I needed, I decided to go with something I wanted: Bandals! How cool are these babies? They are flip flops, and the bands are exchangeable. I had just enough to get a pair, and two super cool bands for them. Much to my surprise I learned that I had $15 in an account with them from past purchases. YES BABY!! Just enough for another band..whohooo! Love it. You see, every time you purchase something from CSN stores you get a 3% credit to their store on your spending. I think that is a pretty sweet deal, how about you? I mean if you are going to spend it anyway, you might as well get something out of the deal.

CSN offers so many awesome things. You will find sinks, vinyl wall art, clocks, pot and pans, rugs, toys, accessories…and as I said, just about anything you are looking for! Why not do all your shopping with them and save the difference in shipping? I personally hate to pay multiple shipping charges.

As mentioned CSN offers 3% back to you as store credit when you make purchases from any of their 200+ online stores. That adds up, and soon you will be surprised just like me when I had $15 waiting on me to spend!

Disclaimer: I received a gift card to CSN stores in exchange for this review of my shopping experience. Everything written is my own opinion and everyone might not have the same experience.

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