Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book Review Sites?

Do you know of any other book review sites that provide books for free for review on blogs? I am a member of and love it, but just looking for more variety! Thanks and I will update with details as I get them.

List so far:
1. *
4. *

(*) indicates sites I have personally worked with in the past.


  1. I have reviewed some really good books from FSB Media ( They have all different genres, too.

  2. Well, I'm a book blogger (not by design, but because I requested review books when I started and got A LOT of them, so that's what my blog turned into). My recs:

    Become a member of Good Reads and Library Thing - they always have published and advanced copies of books for giveaway as long as you agree to review them - Tyndale House has Christian based books for their blogger review program

    Become a member of Book Blogs - join some of the publisher groups and keep an eye out for them to announce new books for review

    Hope this helps!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

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