Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pop Up Pals: Education entertainment for toddlers

Mommy confession: My little man is a bit on the spoiled side. So, it takes a very cool toy to keep him entertained for longer than 5 minutes. When the Pop On Pals came in, I honestly thought he would have no interest…but I was surprised. We were lucky enough to receive the Amusement Park Pop On Pals (retails $34.99) and little man had a blast changing the little dude into outfits for the Amusement park. He loved that the little guy could ride to roller coaster, as well as other exciting activities. The music also kept him interested and he walked around humming the melody for the rest of the day.
What I thought. Okay, I would not have purchased this because A. it has numerous pieces. I hate parts and pieces. They get lost and the toy becomes junk. B. It is not a train. Little man loves trains and those are the toys that seem to make him happiest. HOWEVER, we do really like this Pop on Pals Toy….and I think it would be MOST EXCELLENT for a 2 year old. My son, who will be three next month, did get a lot of play time out of it…but he also lost interest in under an hour.

I do love that you can buy more people for this amusement park, and even buy vehicles and such for the Pop On Pals. Very cool….and a way to keep the kiddos more interested in them!

Super Cool Website: The Pop On Pals have just released this really neat website… visit it Here. They have online coloring for your child and even provide you with a checklist of what toddlers are able to do at certain ages.

Disclaimer: I was provided the Pop Up Pals Amusement park from Pop Up Pals and Childs Play PR for my Review and consideration while writing this post.

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