Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breathtaking new Holiday Cards from Minted!

I love Christmas Cards. I think it is an excellent way to drop a little line and catch up with your loved ones. We get so busy in our lives we often lose track of loved ones…and I think Christmas gives us an extra little reason to catch up. Minted recently contacted me and wanted me to see a sample of their cards and review them. I agreed since Christmas is my very favorite Holiday….and I knew you would love to hear about them.

One of the items I was able to sample was the Holiday Minibooks. This is even cooler than a Christmas card, and especially wonderful for those with children and family out of state. You can write about what has happened and changed in your life this past year, and include MULTIPLE pictures to share. It is definitely a keepsake for the person who receives this! The quality is phenomenal and they are SO CUTE!

The Holiday cards are simply beautiful all on their own, but you have many options to jazz them up even more! You can add a solid color, patterned or photo backer. You can choose to tell a little about your year on the back with an additional photo…or you can choose the pearlescent paper that adds a touch of glimmer to the card. You can also get envelope liners and skinny wrap address labels. These are not something that I would have normally splurged on..but seeing them first hand with the samples.. I now know they make a BIG difference!
I honestly think these are some of the nicest holiday cards I have seen. I am in love, and definitely plan on doing some business with Minted! Check them out for yourself, and I am sure you will fall in love too!

I received a voucher for 25 free Holiday Cards for this review.

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