Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Make Halloween is a little more interesting with Pure Costumes!

It’s the time to start thinking about Halloween Costumes! Yes…it makes me very happy…the holidays are here!! However, it might make some of you Moms nervous about finding the perfect costume. Stress no more- Pure Costumes is here to help!
I am personally a plus sized gal, and I have noticed that it is really a struggle to find cute Plus sized Halloween Costumes. Definitely not something you can just head to your local chain store for. Once again, if you have the same problem as me…you can head to Pure Costumes and find a wide selection of plus size Halloween costumes which is excellent in my opinion!! If you are not plus sized, but have an awesome party to attend, you might consider checking out the adult Halloween costumes and I almost guarantee that you will find something perfect for you!! If you have a significant other, couples costumes are always the cutest way to go and gain attention at that Halloween party!

If I had somewhere to go this year, I would totally be going as the Plus Size Athenian Goddess Costume and have my husband be the Hercules Adult Costume
Unfortunately, my hubby has to work so I will just be trailing behind my little man wearing a plain ole Halloween T-shirt while little man is wearing the Everlast Boxer Toddler Costume

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