Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guess who was a champ at the dentist today..

Today was my little mans first dental appointment. We were all so nervous about it that we bought books and coloring books that explained what would happen. Turns out, he was a champ. The staff was incredibly impressed with him AND his teeth! Apparently we have done a good job keeping those teefers cleaned. It does look like we might have to get him braces when he is older. Though his teeth are perfectly spaced...he has a little "tongue thrusting" issue when he swallows that is causing him to have an overbite! That stinks that his otherwise perfect teeth are being ruined by this little habit. My hubby says he had the same issue, thus causing him to be "Bucky Split Tooth" as his family lovingly called him, and to wear braces. Apparently little man takes after me on the nice teeth area, but after his Daddy in the "tongue thrusting" area. Anyone else's kid have this problem? The Dentist did say it might be possible to break him of this, and I am open to suggestions! Thanks!


  1. That's awesome that he did such a great job and even better to have a good report on clean teeth!

    I've never heard of the tongue thrusting thing before, I hope you figure out how to break the habit!

  2. What a good job of both mom and lil man!
    I had bucked teeth, too (didn't get my braces until I was 28) but my dentist told my parents to have me push on my teeth with my thumb inward while watching TV or reading - it didn't work. But that was 40 years ago... OMG, I can't believe I just calculated that in my head, now I'm depressed.
    Anyway... good job lil' man!!