Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How do I tell him about the birds and the bees?

A= Little Man
M= Mommy

A: "mommy, how did I get in your stomach when I was baby" M: "Mommy and Daddy loved one another so much that we created a little A" A:"But how Mommy?" M"Sigh-ask me this when you are older" A:"I bet Daddy will tell me!" M:"Good idea! Ask Daddy!!"

lol, Jim has it coming!

How did you explain this to your kiddos?? SINCE WHEN DID THREE YEARS OLDS ASK THIS STUFF??

(from a mildly traumatized Mama)


  1. my little guy is almost 5 & he has never brought it up ... YET.

  2. we just watched his video from his 4d ultrasound and I think that sparked it!