Sunday, March 20, 2011

My little man...has an interesting future planned!

His career choices make me laugh..seriously!

Currently he wants to be a crocodile teacher. You know, they guy who jumps in crocodile pits and teaches them tricks. Didn't you know they had one of those? Well, Duh! Just go to the alligator farm silly!

While working as a crocodile teacher, he thinks it will be a super job to be a creek manager...or you know, a police car driver...NO, not a policeman, just a police car DRIVER. Silly Mommy. Let's not forget the more "normal" careers as a tow truck driver or train engineer! Oh, and we will never forget that he is also going to become a MOMMY!

It's obvious to THIS Mom, that whatever he does, he is destined to have a career in leadership....

So, tell me, what does your little one have planned with their life?


  1. Mikyla told me a couple weeks ago she is going to be a butterfly when she grows up and she is sticking to that lol. Karissa says she is going to be a chef so she can work at McDonald's lol. Lydia for the last year or 2 has said she is going to be a Vet when she grows up.

  2. lol!! A butterfly..priceless!