Saturday, April 16, 2011

Color Blanks were a hit with little man!

My little man’s favorite thing is “arts and craps” and his favorite phrase is, “it’s okay to be a messy artist” and that he is! He just loves anything that allows his creative juices flowing, and we have recently discovered the super neat new item from Roseart called the Color Blanks. These super cool little blank canvases are actually a toy with moveable arms and legs. The super cool Color Blank comes with the figure, stickers and markers to decorate, and also glue dots.

We were lucky enough to receive the marshmallow head and little man immediately got to work decorating. Please keep in mind while looking at our picture that he is three, and all boy…that explains the coloring and colors…however he wanted his to have a “pretty girl” face…so that explains the face. You see, you can make this however you want and be as creative as you want. Who wants a toy that leaves a kid pressing buttons or sitting in front of the television all day…nope, this allows for creativity! That is something for every mother to love. I do want to give a little warning to Moms. The markers…yea, they do NOT come out! I assumed these were washable…and little man got it all over his clothes and him. It stained the clothes even though we used stain remover, and it even stained his skin for days and days. So, please have your child be careful with the markers in this toy, or put them in clothes you do not mind getting messy.

I highly recommend Color Blanks for any imaginative child in your life!

Disclaimer: I received the marshmallow head color blank for this review.

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