Thursday, April 21, 2011

Save with Kids Konserve!

How many of you pack your kids' lunches? Do you get frustrated with buying ziplock bags? I recently just started having to pack my oldest little boy's lunch for daycare because he refuses to eat the fish sticks and chicken nuggets that they serve. And after only a month I am really feeling the hurt of buying the little plastic baggies only to throw them away after one use!


Luckily I ran across a company that will solve ALL of my problems in this department! Kids Konserve has reusable lunch box items. They have little sandwhich kozies and tin containers that will be perfect to put fresh fruit in! I ordered a 2 pack of Kozies and 2 round containers for Eli's lunch box! I cannot wait to try these out.



Kids Konserve has offered a 20% off coupon to all Nurse Mommy readers!! Take advantage of this now!

The coupon code is "forearth". This code ends on 4/30!


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