Monday, June 20, 2011

Aden+Anias Swaddle Blanket

My youngest son was a swaddler as a baby. I made a baby burrito every night until he was well over 6 months old. I had a hard time finding blankets that would wrap my chunky boy up. I have found a brand of baby blankets that make them big enough for larger babies! Not only are they large enough to wrap up almost any baby they are so soft and breathable. These blankets are ideal for summer time! The material is Muslin so you don't have to worry about your baby overheating. My son is now almost 2 years old and he LOVES this blanket. Its the perfect size for his toddler bed and its so soft he likes to cuddle up in it! Here are a few pictures of my cutie with his Aden+Anais Cozy Swaddle Blanket

Snug as a bug!

This is how I found my little one when I came to bed later that night!


You can buy this blanket at Little Dudes and Divas. Little Dudes and Divas carries all kinds of Aden+Anais Blankets. Then have some awesomely adorable prints on their blankets! They also carry some Aden+Anais bibs and blanket sleepers. So if you are already an Aden+Anais fan then Little Dudes and Divas has you covered! Or if you have never tried them then you will be able to find the perfect blanket for your little one!


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  1. Oh my gosh he looks ADORABLE! I'm so happy you love it and thank you for a fantastic post :)