Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally an activity he loves!

Some of you may remember, he hated HATED soccer, so we took him out. I don't want my three year old to feel pressured into something he hates, especially when soccer was MY decision, not his. So, we decided to try him in tumbling classes, and he adores it! He is so excited to go back next week.

and a picture he insisted on us taking when we got home, he was excited that I bought him a couple outfits to wear to tumbling class, and this one had a train on it lol!


  1. my son was in tumbling too! he LOVED it!! i want to continue placing him in classes and I might. He just wants to be in everything. T-ball, tumbling, swimming, hip hop dance, soccer, basketball ... oh wow! lol. i wish i were made of money ... LOL

  2. Love the pic of you and your son with your cute lil pup.

  3. Thank you for sharing-- this was one activity we had our son do for years-- it was such a great experience--he loved it so much--Merry Christmaas

  4. This is so cute, and he may have gained more skills from tumbling than soccer, anyway, balance, strenghening, perseverance, learning from instructions!