Sunday, September 18, 2011

Easy Healthy Recipes for Kiddos!

As a working mom to 2 little boys I have very little time for long difficult recipes. And really I'm lax on the 'healthy eating.' I admit we eat way too much processed food and too much take out. I try and offer healthy snack choices for my kiddos whenever possible. But I know they get tired of the same old snacks everyday! I was excited to find some easy to fix-kid friendly snack recipes!

Kathy Kaehler is a mother of 3 who understands how hard it is to plan out healthy snacks for your kids! If you sign up for the Sunday Setup club you will get tips weekly for snack ideas and meal ideas! If your still going 'whaat? I'm confused...' Here's from the site that will explain a little better

The routine is that every Sunday you "set-up" your food for the week by shopping at your local farmers' market, natural food market or your regular grocery store. Kathy's weekly newsletter will show you from start to finish how to select, prep, and store your food so you are ready to quickly assemble healthy recipes throughout the week.

Her motto is "Move well, eat well, live well." Makes sense to me! I plan on using this to help me pack healthier snacks for my little boy's lunch box! And for me some healthy choices at work! The office is such a bad place for unhealthy food choices! Check this site out!

As a Sunday Set-Up™ Club
member YOU get...

6 new recipes plus a BONUS recipe every week.
To watch new Celebrity webisodes every week.
A brand new Kathy Kaehler 20 minute workout every month.
A chance to win a Celebrity Swag Bag worth $$$.
New product discounts every month.
To ask a food or fitness question to a celebrity.
Healthy Living Tips from Kathy.
The Sunday Set-Up™ Calendar to see where Kathy is going on her Celebrity Kitchen Tour. much more.

Thats pretty amazing for just $9.95 a month! Check it out!

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