Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Original, Cool, Fun...Decor!

I have to be honest with you all and admit that I am pretty pitiful at decorating. I mean seriously it's almost Halloween and there is NOTHING out in my house that even remotely looks Halloweenish. I just don't get into it. But I love to find stuff that goes well in any room of my house. And that is hard to do. And I like stuff that is simple but a bit trendy at the same time. I found a product that is just that with a something extra threw in...FUN! Chalkboard China has to be the coolest thing I've seen in a while. I admit...I get excited about chalkboard stuff. Because if you think of how long they have been around and my kids still know what it is. They have a chalkboard easel and play with it all the time. Chalkboard to me is something that is timeless. When you think of all the things you grew up with that your kids WON'T remember chalkboards and chalk usually don't top the list. My kids adore their chalk board. And as a kid at heart I love to doodle with chalk. Chalkboard China has made Chalk extra fun and funky!

They have wine glasses, plates, candles, vases and martini glasses! Just think of the possibilities! Its so awesome! You can use them for several occasions! How cute would it be to toast to an anniversary with these and write a lovey message for your hubby on the bottom? Or serve an entree' with a message for a dinner party? The possibilities are endless!

I personally don't drink wine or anything so I chose a set of 3 vases in some awesome colors! These vases are so cute! I love them! I think I have to say my favorite thing about these is how quickly you can transform them. I mean one day they can celebrate Mother's day...then next they can wish someone in your home Happy Birthday. You can leave your kids a fun little note in their room or somewhere. I just love it! I put my vases in my kids' bathroom because the colors go with the surfer theme. I didn't have any flowers to put in but plan on getting something to really set the beachey/surfer mood! I had fun decorating these tho! My husband even got in on some of the artwork. And I love that these wipe clean so easily. I think I drew like 5 things and wiped off before I grabbed a wet cloth to really wipe it down good. I was expecting that it wouldn't wipe off too well. I was really impressed with that.

Check out their awesome selection of products and follow them on Facebok to find out more!

Note: I received the mentioned products for my consideration during this review.

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