Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For my crafty readers... check out!

If you have followed my blog for any time at all, you are well aware that I am a crafter. I use this broad term because I just like to craft, and will try my hand at just about anything! Recently I have really gotten into creating unique pieces of home d├ęcor. My most current project was taking a hurricane glass jar, filling it with scented pine cones and artificial berries and flowers. Such a cute, wintery touch!

I am always looking for crafting stores other than the bigger names that I visit and pay a fortune at. I was recently contacted by Factory Direct Craft and asked to take a look around the site and found an an immense amount of craft supplies. I am glad they reached out to me, because now I am in crafting heaven! I am always looking for family friendly crafts, and I immediately noticed the Fillable Ornaments. This looks like the perfect thing to do with my little man as Christmas gifts. Think of the possibilities: tinsel, sand, flower petals, shells.

Another craft little man and I have been looking into doing is making granulated wax candles. These are super cool, and you just layer the different colors of granulated wax (like sand art) pop a wick in, drop in a few drops of scent and heat seal the top. It’s super simple, very cute and with the help of is now affordable. I found adorable glass favor jars for a really great price. The perfect way to allow your child to be involved in gift giving!

So, if you are having a wedding or other event coming up that you need to decorate for is the place you should check out. Maybe there is no big event in your life, but you just take great joy in creating and decorating like me…either way, this store is for you. I am definitely adding it to my “favorites” menu!

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