Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Voyages of Young Doctor Dolittle

“John Dolittle loves animals just like his uncle,
Doctor Dolittle. When John is warned that animals are in danger, he jumps into his uncles submarine to help. When he arrives at Dolittle Island, he learns that it has been taken over by Ramsey the Ram and his army of gorillas. With a little help from some new friends, John comes to the rescue and saves the island.”

We recently received this adorable animated movie for review. At first I was not sure my son would love it since it just did not seems like his sort of movie. However, within 5 minutes he was glued to the television. The movie has a lot of action to keep his little mind interested, and plenty of animals which he loved. This animated movie by Phase 4 films features voices of Jane Seymour and Jason Alexander and was directed by Rinat Gazizov.

We are so happy to add The Voyages of Young Doctor Dolittle to our DVD collection. The animation is bright and colorful and the silly sounding voices keep my little man laughing. I would recommend this move to any parent of a preschool or early school aged child. It is appropriate and funny!

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