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Kozie Clothes


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Entered the Giggle Dots giveaway and the goat's milk giveaway.


My oldest son was recently diagnosed with a Sensory Processing Disorder. He has always been extremely sensitive to his clothing. Every one of his shirts has the tag cut out and he is very picky about the type of clothing he wears. Stiff button up shirts have always been a no go for him. So after he was diagnosed I done what any other mom would do. I started researching for stuff to help him. I found an amazing site that has clothing made especially for kids with special needs. Kozie Clothes Has stylish, non stigmatizing clothing that you will love.

First off I have to tell you about the product that has been a life saver in my house. My oldest does not tolerate much pain. A simple scrape on the leg can turn into at full on melt down. In the past we just try to calm him down which normally does not work and makes it worse. I tried out the Weighted Blanket and I love it. My kids actually fight over who gets to lay with it. But it has been especially helpful for my oldest. When he scratched his leg the other day he was in full on meltdown mode when I swooped him up and carried him to his room and wrapped him in the blanket and within 5 minutes he was calmed down. It was a turning point for us. It made me realize that something CAN help in these situations. This blanket comes with a cover that is so soft and looks amazing. My kids love how it feels. If you purchase this you will never regret it!

I also got to try out one of the Tagless Shirts. This has to be one of the best ideas ever. Obviously, the tagless feature is great. As I mentioned before, my son has always wanted his tags cut out of his shirts. From the time he was able to talk he has asked for me to cut them out. To the point that I almost automatically cut them out before I ever hang them in his closet. So I love this shirt. It comes with a tear out tag with care instructions. Now the other awesome thing about this shirt is that the little horse on the front has these little feet and tail that aren't sewed down so your kid can fidget with them! I have such a fidgety boy. He loves his horse shirt! There is some adorable girl styles as well.

I was also able to look at one of the Compression Shirts. Pressure calms my son. So I was very interested in this. The shirt I was sent is so cute. My son said it looked like a super hero shirt. I love the quality and feel of this shirt. It was a bit small on my son. But I am sure this type of product would help him get through his days at preschool. You can also get other types of compression clothing such as shorts and belts.

This company is great. I love how they are making clothing that is not only functional for kids with special needs but also stylish. Check their products out.

I also have to gush about Susan Donohoe! She has been amazing to work with. She is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist so she definitely is familiar with working with kids who have special needs. You can read more about that Here.

Win It!

Kozie Clothes is giving away either a compression belt or a tee shirt to one lucky reader!

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Note: I received the mentioned products for my consideration during this review.


  1. I would love a compression Tee for my boy! He wears a compression vest at school that they have had great success with getting him to calm down with, so having something like that at home would be wonderful!

  2. Entered the Giggle Dots giveaway and the goat's milk giveaway.

  3. "LIKE" the site on fb! Great ideas for helping parents with their children

  4. We would love to try out the weighted blanket for Aidan. He always has to have a blanket at home to relax and I think the weighted one would help him even more.

  5. We would love to try out the weighted blanket for Aidan. He always has to have a blanket at home to relax and I think the weighted one would help him even more.

  6. Of course I Liked The Nurse Mommy on FB ;)

  7. The weighted blanket sounds great to us too. It may relieve the necessity of sleeping with at least 4 blankets every night!

  8. I want to try the Navy Tagless Tshirt with "Prince" Applique because it's tagless and won't irritate my grandson's skin. I like them on facebook, too.

  9. I'm a Kozie Clothes fan on Facebook (Lisa L). I love the cute Denim Skort - Mimi since it would match with everything. tylerpants(at)

  10. I'm a fan on Facebook (Lisa L). tylerpants(at) #1