Monday, March 26, 2012

Leaving the past where it belongs...

Guest post written by Shelly Garcia

I can't remember the last time I sent someone a gift baskets. In fact, I
don't believe I ever have. I know I've sent flowers and gifts, but never
any gift baskets, that I can remember. That doesn't mean I won't. I have
been looking around for some cute, manly baskets. I have some people in
my life that need a huge "thank you".

One of the people that deserve a huge "thank you" is my husband. We
haven't been married long, only three years, but he has been there for
me when no one else was. He has hugged me, wiped my tears, made me laugh
so hard I couldn't breathe, cheered me up, and supported me. I was a
totally different person before I met him. I was uncontrollable, to say
the least. I have stories that would make your skin crawl. You would
probably ask me "why?" or "how are you alive?" When I met my husband, I
wasn't in a very good place in life. I wasn't happy with myself, who I
let myself become. I wasn't that person. I wasn't raised that way. In
all honesty, I knew better. I knew what I was doing but was too insecure
to care. I'm not even sure that's the best way to put it... maybe
foolish is a better word.

Anyway, I met my husband during one of my "darkest" times. Even though
he knew what I was doing and going through, he decided to marry me. That
takes a very good, a very strong, secure man. He picked a broken puzzle
and helped put it together. It's been a long road, sometimes not an
easily-traveled road, but it's a beautifully-landscaped road... with a
gorgeous kingdom at the end.

So... I believe my husband deserves a "thank you", don't you?

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