Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring plans? We will be cruisin' =)

My lovely little family and extended family are heading out for a cruise on April 1st! I think it is a great way to jump start spring, and spend time with loved ones! I have never been on a cruise, so any tips you might have will be appreciated. My little man is 4 1/2 and his little cousin is 3 1/2. They will be going with us, but it says they have a fun center for kids where they are monitored by staff. I am sort of uncomfortable with leaving him with a stranger so I will have to check that out before I decide. Have you ever used the "daycare" service on a cruise ship? How did it go? Lots of questions, I know I know!

I hope everyone has a wonderful beginning to spring which is happening in ONE DAY! It has felt like Spring here in Florida all winter, but finally the trees are blooming and the butterflies are out! Much to my little guys delight.

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