Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LS Men's Clothing

We recently went on a cruise, and it was heck trying to find my husband a suit. You see, though he is not a TERRIBLY large guy, he has a really thick neck. This makes buying a suit- a tie- or even a dress shirt extremely difficult! For men like my husband who have odd sizes custom made suits are extremely important. Maybe you do not have an odd sized body part, but are just a very fashion minded man? Maybe you just want a suit that fits perfectly, and not off the rack- well then LS Men’s Clothing is the perfect store for you to check out!

The sports coats use wool, goat’s hair and cotton-so you know they are of the upmost quality, and made just to fit. How perfect for any man. As my hubby says…every man needs to own a good sports coat- and hey that is coming from a nurse- not a business man! With the custom pants, you have so many choices to make them uniquely yours- and they are made from the highest fabrics! They definitely look fantastically comfortable! Perhaps you have somewhere really fancy to attend- then you can even have a custom tuxedo made just for you!!

Whatever it may be that you are looking for with custom made suits, I am sure you will kind it at LS Men's Clothing!

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