Saturday, June 23, 2012

CuddleUppets are fun AND practical!

You have probably seen the commercials for CuddleUppets. These super cool blankets are also puppets! We were sent one, and I have to admit to being taken a back a little by the pink poodle in the box, after all I do have a little boy. However, I decided to go with it, and my little man loves his poodle. Granted, in a few years he might be rather mad that I took pictures of him cuddled up with this pink poodle, but for now he could care less. 

Anyway- he has spent a TON of time playing with his CuddleUppet! He uses this little guy to pick up toys for him and to talk to us. In this particular picture he was actually using the CuddleUppet to sing the CuddleUppet theme song. He has seen this commercial many times, and was thrilled to learn that he was getting his own snuggly blanket puppet! This blanket is SUPER soft and warm, and I know that this winter he will get a lot of use out of it- snuggling up to relieve the cold.

I think CuddleUppets make a wonderful gift for the loved one in your life, because my almost 5 year old son really enjoys his!


  1. What a GREAT way to initiate creative play!!!
    Great review!

  2. How fun! I am so glad he is enjoying it. Thank you for posting!!