Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is Intelligender accurate??

 Results are in, and the intellegender was...................... CORRECT!!!!

I gave in and bought and bought an Intelligender. I just could not wait any longer. I will tell you what I know so far about this pregnancy:

1. It is totally different from my pregnancy with my son
2. Just about all of the tests I have taken (wives tales) point to it being a girl.
3. According to the Shettles Method, it SHOULD be a girl.
4. My GUT tells me it IS a girl.
5. As of 6/20 at 11 weeks the heart rate was 176- if you listen to the wives tales that puts it in the "girl" range. 

Could this all be wishful thinking? Perhaps, because I am longing for pigtails for sure.

So, I bought the Intelligender yesterday and used it this morning. After five minutes, the results were VERY clearly.............................

I will definitely be checking back in and adding to this post when I get my gender ultrasound sometime around the end of July. :) 



  1. You're just going to leave us hanging??? Ugh.

    I didn't buy a test, but I really thought this pregnancy was another boy (3rd pregnancy), but this time was actually a girl. Surprise! She is due on July 9th.

    Good luck to you. I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound! :)

  2. Very interesting! I'm 10 weeks pregnant now and I see the website says it can predict gender this early. I'm tempted!