Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recent Backlash from The Claritin Moms Crew

I hate that I even have to post this, but in light of recent events I feel I must. Recently, you all know that I was accepted as part of the Claritin Moms Crew. I signed up for this role because I have a son who suffers from allergies and asthma, and Claritin is a product that I stand behind in helping my son with these problems. I was recently contacted by media telling me that there had been a complaint filed with FTC because someone felt that because Claritin was being marketed with the new release of Madagascar 3 that children might get the wrong message that Claritin is candy. One article even went so far as to show a picture I took of MY SON at the table with the Claritin and food. I did take this picture, which he was totally posed for and VERY far away from the PACKAGED medicine, and immediately put the Claritin in the cabinet. He was never left alone with the Claritin for one little second. There were no other kids at my party- unless you count his stuffed angry birds which he treats as children. My son knows VERY WELL that Claritin is NOT candy, and that he should take only one a day, which is given by me. He also knows this about every other medicine in our medicine cabinet. We have spent lots of time teaching him this in his life. He is a very mature almost 5 year old, and TELLS ME that Claritin helps him with his allergy symptoms. 

That being said, Claritin really did not play one little part into our "party", and we really spent our time cuddling, watching movies...and eating. I explained that very well in my post. My son and I also very much enjoyed the stickers of Madagascar character, which were totally separate from the Claritin. 

For the time being, I have removed my post. Simply because I do not want the spam, or the media giving my blog a negative spin. I still 100% stand behind Claritin, and would have done this if I were not a part of the Moms Crew. I would have NEVER signed up for this Crew if I did not believe in the product.

Again, EVERYTHING written on my blog is the opinion of the author of that post. YOU may have a different opinion of something than me, Something I may love- you may hate or visa versa.



  1. Paige, I can understand your frustration, especially when using your photo and almost putting words in your mouth that do not articulate how you feel.

  2. Sometimes I think things are taken way out of proportion and I think the deal with Claritin was. I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that and that your son was used as a way to "prove" their point.

  3. people can be so silly, and they really don't have the right to use your photo without permission! I would tell them they need to take it down because they are infriging on your copyright!