Friday, October 26, 2012

Brolly Sheets

I have this adorably sweet little boy.  He is 3 and pees in the bed on a regular basis.  The even more awesome part that is that he sleeps with me. (yaay) Really I don't mind sharing my bed with my kids. But my little one is potty trained, er partially, during the day.  And at night he refuses to put on a night time pull up.  He's a big boy now and he expresses a lot of opposition to diapers now.  So I usually wait until he falls asleep then I sneak one on him.  There are several nights that I accidently pass out with him.  Those are the nights I wake up and have to change both our clothes and move us to another place to sleep.  As you can imagine the laundry in this house is quite excessive.  Especially the bed sheets! But I found an amazing product that has been a life saver for my mattress and sheets! Brolly Sheets have been a life saver!

I recieved a blue twin size Brolly Sheet to try out.  I immediately slapped that baby on our bed and dared my little man to pee the bed!  The Brolly Sheet works great.  It saves my mattress from the flood of pee that normally soaks it. And I am tired of having to scrub my mattress and drag it outside to sit in the sun.  I am hoping with the help of the Brolly Sheet our mattress will hold up until my little munchkin either starts sleeping in his own bed or his bed wetting stage is over. I have used this product multiple times and it has held up great and is still protecting my sheets and mattress.  I am so thankful for it.

A little about the Brolly Sheets: They are 100% Cotton Topped, Breathable and quiet PUL waterproof backing, Innovative tuck in wings - quick to change, Minimal sleep disruption for the kiddos.  The quality of the Brolly Sheet is great. I have used this sheet for a couple of months to test the durability of it and I am so impressed with it.  I actually think I am going to buy an extra just to have for a backup.  They also come in a variety of sizes and colors.  I think I'm going to buy a king size since we are a co-sleeping family.

You can check out the website Here. Also you can find them on Facebook and Like their page to get all kinds of updates and hear about special deals they may run!

Note: I received the mentioned product for my consideration during this review

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  1. Awesome! I have never heard of these! Thanks for the review :)