Monday, October 1, 2012

Martha And Friends: Holiday Collection

“Celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas with 10 year-old Martha Stewart & her friends as they solve Holiday mishaps using their crafty skills. Highlighting teamwork and thoughtfulness, Martha & her friends remind everyone that it's always special when you do it yourself. This collection of 3 movies is fun for the whole family!”

I often tell people I am no Martha Stewart! Sure, I keep my house reasonably clean, I cook what needs to be cooked (but definitely will never win a prize in a taste test) and I can be crafty in certain moments. That being said, I am still not this wonderfully creative homebody! I was recently contacted to do a review of a brand new DVD that is coming out TOMORROW 10/2/12. When I first agreed to do this review without first looking into the DVD I honestly thought this would be a great DVD to give me crafting tips. Little did I know that this was actually a DVD that would be great for my son!

This fun little cartoon features a 10 year old Martha Stewart who works together with her friends to use crafting ideas to keep holiday mishaps from happening. My son and I sat down to watch this and loved it! We love any holiday related movies as it is, and this one is super cute. It teaches kids to work together and use teamwork to problem solve which is a great habit to be in! It was very easy to watch, and I even enjoyed watching it with my little man.

This fun movie, which I highly recommend to the crafty family, if available for preorder on and right now.

I received this DVD for my review. All opinions are completely my own.

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  1. Interesting. I never knew Martha made kids DVDs. Thanks for the review. :)