Sunday, October 28, 2012

Win some Amazing Gourmet Popcorn-Ku Ku Ru Za

Even though I’m no longer pregnant I have been craving popcorn. The stuff my husband has been making is good, but just isn’t hitting the right spot. I contacted Ku Ku Ru Za Gourmet Popcorn. Let me tell you, it hit the spot.
            The sent me four different flavos: Tuxedo, Brown Butter & Sea Salt, Hawaiian Salted Carmel, and Chedder Cheese & Carmel. My oldest daughter and my husband helped me test all the flavors. As my luck would have it, a few kids from my husband’s Tae Kwon Do class were at our house when the box came in the mail so I also shared a little with them.


            Let me just start by saying, if I knew how good this was going to be I wouldn’t have shared. I would have locked myself in my room and ate the whole bag by myself. Tuxedo is Carmel corn with chocolate and white chocolate drizzled over it (I know your drooling already). I’m a big lover of chocolate as most women are. Not every piece had chocolate on it as I think is wise. There was just enough to satisfy. For the ones that didn’t have chocolate on it, they had the classic carmel corn by itself.  The only thing I didn’t like about this flavor is that I didn’t have a bigger bag.

Brown Butter & Sea Salt

            This flavor was my daughter’s favorite as she’s not a carmel or chocolate fan (odd child). Anyway, I don’t know how they cooked this but it tastes great. It’s very similar to regular popcorn but they took it up a notch with the sea salt and the very tasty brown butter. Very good especially for those who are more traditional with their popcorn consumption.

Hawaiian Salted Carmel

            When I first think of Hawaiian type food, I think of pineapple. I don’t think I’m alone on that one. This little nugget of sweetness was a great surprise. No there was no pineapple, though I wouldn’t be opposed to that as I love pineapple.  Anyway, I digress. When you first bite into this flavor you taste the sweet carmel then almost like it’s on the inside you taste the salt. It’s a great combination of sweet and salty.

Chedder Cheese & Carmel

            I know what you’re thinking… carmel and cheese? No, what they did was mix some cheddar popcorn and carmel popcorn in the same bag. The carmel is your classic carmel. I believe it is the same as the other flavors it just by its self this time. The cheddar is also your classic cheddar popcorn. When you put them in the same bag it is great. You have sweet from the carmel then the next bite is cheesy, and who doesn’t love cheese. I live in Wisconsin, we love cheese haha.  
All in all, this popcorn is great. My family and also the Tae Kwon Do kids couldn’t get enough of it. This is a great idea for yourself or someone you know who loves popcorn.

Win Some Popcorn- US only ends 11-12
One lucky winner will receive a flight carton of our most popular flavors!!! It's a 7 pack sampler, with taste-sized bags of:

  • Chicago
  • Hawaiian
  • Tuxedo
  • Coconut
  • Smores
  • Buffalo
  • Jalpeno
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  1. now thats popcorn that is worth the calories!!

  2. Couldn't see how to post a comment on your FB page re. KuKuRuZu so leaving it here. I will be making a special trip to the store to try their Truffle Fromage Porcini - yummy.

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