Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thyme Maternity Nursing Bra

Since I had Fallon I have only been wearing the sports bra/sleeping type nursing bra. I was desperate to find one that has shape and is comfortable. Thyme Maternity, who has partnered with BabiesRUs contacted me to do a review on their new bra line, so I of course said yes.

 For the sake of your eyes I will not show you me wearing the bra, but will show a picture of the model (your welcome).

          I was a little worried that the bra wouldn't fit right as I couldn't try it on before but it fit perfectly. It has great shape, and you would never know it was a nursing bra. It’s very comfortable and easy to nurse with, you just undo the one side and pull it down and you are good to go. It is super easy and great for nursing in public if you need to.

          If you plan on nursing, you should definitely consider this bra. The Thyme line not only has bras, but also has some really cute nursing/maternity tops.
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  1. Super cute bra! It's not the typical "marmie" maternity type bra out there. :)

  2. This bra is VERY supportive, comfortable for periodic nap taking (as it has no underwire), and hides inevitable leaks with the pad inserts. I ended up buying another one as I liked bali nursing bras so much! Awesome!